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 hao hoang do


WEIGHT: 135lb

HAIR: Black

EYES: Brown


Strings                                                               Brian                                                      Raaw Horan

Savage Dog                                                      Village Person                                      Jesse V. Johnson       Flowers                                                              Restaurant Server                                Diablo Entertainment


Nation of One                                                  Bar Patron                                             Mel Orpen

Good Match                                                     Hiker                                                      Charlie Schmidlin                                                                         


Here's to You                                                    Theo                                                      Alex Ho

Wake Up                                                           David Tran                                             Hao Do

Dead Air                                                           Scott Stinson                                         Lynette Hartouri

The Big Short (student project)                      Ted Xiang                                              Alayna Kobayashi

AOL Presents: Candid Conversations            Guest Appearance                              AOL Inc.

Two Bellmen 3                                                  Featured                                               Daniel Malakai Cabrera    

More Than Sexuality                                        Featured                                               Noelle Funtanilla


Available Upon Request


Act With Alice                                                  Alice Carter                                           Studio City, CA

UCB Improv 101                                               Billy Merritt                                           Los Angeles, CA

UCB Improv 201                                               Paul Weish                                            Los Angeles, CA

Margie Haber Studio Foundation                  Lawrence Dwyer                                   Los Angeles, CA

Margie Haber Intermediate                            Natalia  Castellano                               Los Angeles, CA

Killian's Commercial Workshop                      Killian McHugh                                     Los Angeles, CA

The Groundlings School Foundation             Sean Hogan                                          Los Angeles, CA

Berland Commercial Workshop                     Terry Berland                                         Los Angeles, CA

Hey I Saw Your Commercial!                          Mike Pointer                                          Los Angeles, CA

SPECIAL SKILLS:​ Bodybuilding, Bartending, Football, Basketball, Running, Sprinter, Breakdancing, Bowling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Stick-shift


Languages: English, Vietnamese (fluent)

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